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How to Carry out Product Marketing in Second- Hand Markets How to Carry out Product Marketing in Second- Hand Markets。 In a world where people are increasingly shifting from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to online shopping, more and more consumers are looking for new ways to shop secondhand. With the proliferation of the secondhand clothing market, […]

Hissen Global Commercial And Trade Company Limited is a company located in Guangzhou, China, it specializes in second hand clothing good quality for the future. Together with many of its subsidiaries and affiliates, Hissen Global aims to become the future of the clothing industry. Hissen Global Commercial And Trade Company Limited has eight years of […]

Marketing strategy: a combination of online and offline . In the world of digitalization, where everything is done with the click of the mouse or tap of the finger, there have been debates all across about how effective online and offline marketing strategies are or which one is better than the other? Though this is […]

        What Influence used clothes for sale in Africa. While the affordability of clothing items is the thing that fuels the second-hand clothing trade, this trade became popular after the introduction of liberalization policies in the late 1980s that ushered in new competition in the industries producing local garments. What do you […]

Africa Second Hand Clothing Industry has a good way to growth . In most African countries, imports of used clothing have been a common thing for some time. However, the volume of the used clothing imports setting foot in African markets and the complexity of the used clothing trade has multiplied since the 1980’s second […]

Wholesale Second-Hand Clothes. Are you thinking of starting importing second-hand clothes for re-sell? If yes, you should consider working with us. Our company, Guangzhou Hissen Trading Co., Ltd, is one of the key recycling enterprises in China. Our company has been ranked the fifth-best in the second-hand clothes business and has its factory. Honesty and […]

Analysis and Suggestions on Clothing Recycling and Reusing Channels . The newly emerging Fast Fashion provides unprecedented opportunities to penetrate cost-effectively into daily consumption. And at the same time, it gives a vast playing field for the entire clothing industry to develop newer business models to capture market share. The product life cycle is getting […]

Advantages of Choosing a Reliable Used Clothing Supplier Advantages of Choosing a Reliable Used Clothing Supplier.Are you planning to start used clothing wholesale? If so, be prepared before you make a jump start. A slew of factors goes into the success of this venture. The used clothes market is highly profitable. You could make big […]

Great Ways to Get Rid of Used Clothes We all have those clothes smouched up in the back of our drawers or closets. For whatever reason, these clothes have lost their appeal, and you have not worn them in years. It is difficult to get rid of clothes, even if you haven’t worn them for […]

Under the influence of a slowdown in global economic growth and a reduction in consumer demand, the luxury goods industry has been the first to bear the brunt, with sales shrinking severely. However, second-hand consumption is less affected and is making steady progress. In China, though Used Bags– “second-hand luxury goods” still exist only in […]