—How To Deal With The Used Clothes—

Deal with used clothes is a big question

Deal with used clothes? A non-profit organization made a sample survey of 500 Americans and Canadians. over 200 respondents said they were unwilling to walk more than 10 minutes to donate clothes. but prefer to throw them in the community service center, or into the garbage collection station.


How do we deal with used clothes?



There are more than 3,000 second-hand clothing shops in Japan, and a growing number of companies are making efforts to recycle used clothing. Some shop owners even have formed trade unions that earn more than $200 million annually.

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Deal with used clothes Belgium

  Deal with used clothes.There are many recycling bins on the streets and roadside. Residents just put their used clothes into the bins and wait for recycling companies to collect them. Some of the selected used clothes are sent to the second-hand shops of the recycling company for sale; the other part is transferred to the factory for reuse.

   These clothes of the recycling center are mainly exported to Africa, some of the shirts, blouses and dresses will eventually be sold at retail prices. For damaged clothes  ,they will be  placed somewhere to be stockpiled and may end up as cleaning  stuffs.

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Deal with used clothes in Switzerland

  In1978, six humanitarian relief organizations in Switzerland jointly established Texaid Co., LTD., whose main responsibility is to recycle and reuse used clothes. The company collects and deals with 18,000 tons of used clothes each year.
There are currently 2,500 recycling bins across Switzerland. So almost all of their used clothes are reused instead of being thrown into the garbage. The collected clothes are first transported to the factory in Shatdorf Uri,  to be sorted and processed, after that workers will roughly divide the bundles of clothes into “wearable” and “recyclable”. Then workers will resort these clothes according to their fabric and quality. 

Deal with used clothes in USA

Being discarded carelessly, the used clothing will become garbage which is harmful to our living environment;  But with the help of proper sorting and high-tech, this ” garbage” can be turned into treasures at any time.
   According to Wearable Collections, a company that has years of operating experience, about 50 percent of the clothes they collect are suitable for reselling at a lower price. Most of the rest of clothing is reprocessed into cleaning cloths, carpets or soundproof materials. Less than 5 percent of the waste ends up in landfills.
   When the recycling activity conducts well, it will not only reduces waste but also creates a large number of jobs that is 85 times more than garbage men and landfill workers.

Deal with used clothes in China

    According to incomplete statistics, if the average life of a piece of clothing is 3 to 4 years. The average person in China will buy 5 to 10 pieces of new clothing. And discard 3 to 5 pieces of old clothes every year. In 2018, the cumulative amount of used textiles produced in China is about 100 million tons. This is a social problem. 2021, the discarding of old textiles in China will be even more seriou What to do with old textiles has become a worry for the Chinese. 

   Fortunately, textile waste has been solved to a certain extent. hissen global, one of the best exporters of second-hand clothing, uses recycled clothes for sorting and cooperation with customers in African countries through a professional team, with a win-win situation for China and some African countries.

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All in all, the development of used clothing will be a good future, if you need to know more questions can let us communicate further

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