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First,The History Of Used Clothes Business Delevoping in China The export of used clothes from China to Africa dates back to 20 years ago, with only one or two enterprises in Guangdong Province. Over the next decade, the export industry of old clothing developed slowly. Then Around 2010, businesses engaged in used clothing exporters have sprung up. The current […]

What is Okrika Business? It’s a simple business of selling second-hand clothes in Nigeria. Sellers also use other words to describe their Okrika clothes, like bend-down-select, Belgium, tokunbo and etc. Nevertheless, it’s all used clothes, like belts, shoes, t-shirts and so on. The price depends on the quality and the brand. It’s a modern business phenomenon that keeps […]

Economic value of used clothes, used shoes We all know that there is a popular saying that says “the way you are dressed  so you are addressed’’ that is why our dressings matters a lot and it brings us out to the world in a good way,so if you would like to be regarded in […]

Chic Fashion of Used Clothes Men as a Social Animal were in need of Three Basic Amenities:Food, Clothes and Shelter. Trend of Used Clothes Any One Who Does Business along these lines is bound to be Successful, The demand will always outweighs supply. Every human being must wear clothes no matter the social status or financial situation. Used Clothing Market Booming Used Clothes Market in Africa is a Booming multi billion dollar business with a high profit yielding potential. Coz of […]

A massive force is reshaping the fashion industry: secondhand clothing. According to a new report, the U.S. secondhand clothing market is projected to more than triple in value in the next 10 years – from US$28 billion in 2019 to US$80 billion in 2029 – in a U.S. market currently worth $379 billion. In 2019, […]

The second hand clothes market in Nigeria has expanded over the last couple of decades to cities across the country, which including Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu, ABA, Kano, Jos, Onitsha, Benin city, port Harcourt among others.  They are welcome by low income earners and part of the shrinking middle class. Lagos with a population of 20million is easily become the biggest hub of second hand clothing. A number of market […]

Where do used clothes come from? Second hand clothes are recycled used and or unwanted clothing, I’m sure you’ve seenthis kind of blues box. It’s put in every corner of China and every street. The clothes we donated flow into Africa through this box. Behind it is the old clothes recycling platform that controls it.They also publish information online and collect clothes on their own. Some of these old clothes are transported to public welfare stores,and some are made into recycled materials, However, most of them are transported to Africa. How does it make money and why is it so popular in Africa? This is reciprocal buy/sell/ trade transaction between the trader and the retailer. Second hand clothes are not only unique and fashionable but also affordable. You will never pay anywhere where near full price and that’s one of the reasons it’s highly recommend especially in Africa. Most second hand originate from China, Canada, USA and UK and are shipped around the globe mostly to Africa where the consumer market is large. Before export, they need to be cleaned, […]

Used Clothing Importing As Used clothing imports become more and more popular in the African market, there are more and more people who want to enter the Used Clothing Selling Industry. Selling second-hand clothes Some people become local millionaires by selling Used Clothes, people think it is very profitable to do Used Clothes Business, attracting […]

China leading the way to second hand clothes First, The data shows that, on average, each person in China buys about 10 new clothes each year, of which 3-5 pieces of clothes are discarded. Approximately 50 million tons of clothes are discarded every year, which most of the dropping off second hand clothes are barely worn. […]

What is the current prospect of second-hand clothing in the African market? In the crowded markets of Africa and the sidewalks of African towns, shoppers can buy second-hand clothing from various brands from all over the world at low prices. Data shows that Kenya alone imports about 100,000 tons of second-hand clothing every year, which […]