Second Hand Shoes


Do you want to order a large quantity of used shoes? At Hissen global, we can surely meet your requirements. If you are looking for a supplier with stable supply and reliable quality, we are more than willing to help and cooperate with you.

Quality is always the most important factor in everything that we do. Used shoes and Used clothing are expected to be of high quality and we want to never disappoint our clients.

We have a specific set of quality standards that focuses on specific details of the shoes in order to make them not just sellable but also useful for the buyer. We wanted to make sure that we provide excellent quality shoes, no holes, tears, stains, slight wear on the soles, laces intact, consistent size, no shortage of shoes from big brands like Nike, Adidas, etc., but also from Chinese brands.

Hissen Global is expecting growth as the leading supplier worldwide and as such we have been able to provide the best kind of products for our buyers.

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Why Choose Hissen Global Used Shoes

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The Second Hand Clothes Leading Exporter

You may have been looking at the different ways that you can trust our company. We know that it may be hard and it may require a lot of processes in order for you to look at what we have to offer any order for you to see that we are indeed trustworthy and worthy of your budget for your business. 

With that, let us tell you some of the advantages that you would get by buying from our company.

Hissenglobal is one of the top used garment full container exporters in China. We have 2 large factories with a total area of over 20,000 square meters and more than 400 employees. With 50 employees specializing in shoe sorting, we can produce 2 40-foot high containers of used shoes a day. 

We have a very specific protocol and training procedure that allows us to choose the best employees who know how to handle the used clothing and used items and sort them out properly not just for the benefit of the company but for the benefit of our buyers. For a long time we have used different kinds of processes and protocol and these experiences have allowed us to choose the right ones that would work for us.


Customer Feedback

Anthony Kalu Obi

Hissenglobal’s used shoes are of very good quality, we have been working together for three years and never let me down.

Acayo Vivian

Hissen global is very creditworthy, 3 days after the payment is loaded and shipped, which solved my urgent need.

Nwifior Victor

I had bought shoes from other factories before I cooperated with hissenglobal, but I was disappointed every time. Choosing Hissenglobal has brought me great benefits. The stable high quality of used shoes is impossible for other factories to achieve. Thanks to hissenglobal, I got market recognition!