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Hissen Global is one of the key recycling enterprises in China, specializes in exporting used clothes, used shoes, used bags to Africa, southeast Asia, and Mideast. Our raw materials are collected from developed cities in China, what we collected  is only offer good condition, fashion style, colorful and clean! We are two factory owner, directly control quality and production by ourselves.  Correct sorting ways make us have regular buyers over 60 countries. Our sorting workers have 2-3 years of experience, and after many sorting trainings, they can classify products according to the specific needs of customers. We have more than 20 quality inspectors, they have 3-5 years of work experience, They make sure our products are A grade quality: No stain, no torn, no pilling, no hole, no over-used, no fade for you. We have 12 balers and can pack 280 tons of products per day,We can Various kinds of package as100kg, 80kg, 50kg or 45kg...etc. for your different requirement Our finished products are neatly put into the warehouse by category, and in order to provide you with better quality, we also conduct random checks on each batch of products to ensure a 98% pass rate means These products will be delivered to customers through various transportation through our logistics department. With 8 years of development, we have 2 factories with 20,000 square meters workshop and more than 200 people. We can produce over 10 containers of high-quality products per day,Zagumi is a reliable supplier of second-hand clothes. We adhere to the concept of customer first to serve every customer well.