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Hissen was established in Guangzhou, China, and since 2002 has operated a business of collecting, sorting and wholesale distribution of used clothing. Over time we have become a reliable company with an established position on the China used clothing market. As part of our continuous growth, we have decided to open a new facility in Jiangsu.
Hissen imports used clothes from the China, sorts it and exports to customers all over the world. The sorting plant in China is based on the long-standing experience of Clothing Corp. in the Italy. Both our sorting plants in Guangzhou and the Jiangsu States operate on the basis of the same standards and the same material for sorting. Thanks to that customers receive a high-quality product of consistent standard.
As one of the few used clothing graders in China, our material for sorting comes from the China. The original is collected from the Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong Metropolitan Area and transported by aircraft to our facility in Guangzhou. We believe in the high quality of clothing from the China, and our regular customers confirm this is true.
Hissen mission is deliver top quality products to our customers and provide best-in-class customer service so as to establish a long-lasting business relationship.

Strong points


we have been sorting and distributing used clothing since 2002


our highly qualified personnel guarantees consistent product quality


We are sorting original clothing from first tier cities in China


a state-of-the-art logistics centre and an automated sorting line

Our Factroy

 Hissen Global have two factories in Guangdong China has a factory in Jiangsu China, so we can directly control the quality of second-hand products

Based on our 11 years experience in second hand products , We will provide you some appropriate suggestion for your target market.

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    Guangzhou Zagumi Commercial And Trade Company Limited

    Address: Building A8, Changban Daxuetang Innovation Park, No. 21, Changyuan Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China