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     Second hand clothes are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. People want to buy used clothes cheap but still fashionable. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find good wholesale used clothes and wholesale second hand shoes suppliers unless you know where to look. This article will help you know about five of Swaziland’s best wholesale used clothes suppliers that sell men, women, and kids’ clothing at an affordable price.

Hissen Global



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    The first need to mention is Hissen Global. This wholesale clothes supplier is located in Guangzhou, China. They sell all kinds of clothing for men, women, and kids at an affordable price in good quality, including tops, jeans, dresses, toys, and accessories. For the stable quality sorted items of second hand clothing, Hissen not only schedules regular training for the staff but also makes an incentive mechanism for them to be more engaged in their work with patience and attentiveness. Also, the head office is equipped with modern management techniques of data analysis to ensure a timely and accurate packing and international shipping process.

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     Because this used clothing business has a large warehouse where they stock everything from used clothing to shoes, among other things, it’s important that customers are aware that before placing orders, that orders need to be submitted through their online shopping platform.

AYA SOFIA-used Clothing Suppliers in Swaziland



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used clothes

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     The second used clothes supplier in Swaziland that you should know about is AYA SOFIA, this wholesale second hand clothing supplier mainly deals with top brand clothing, such as Levis, Nike, etc., but they also sell mid-range quality pieces at a lower price for more affordable prices on their website. To ensure clients’ experiences, they set an easy return and exchange policy if customers are not satisfied with what they receive, so there’s no risk involved when people shop here.   

    Besides, this second hand clothing company has offline warehouses all around Africa, making it easier than ever for them to reach out to potential new customers who want access to premium secondhand clothing. The online website of this wholesale used clothing company is very easy to navigate, includes a huge selection of items on display, and is available in different languages, including English and French.

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used clothes

Top 5 Secondhand Clothing Suppliers in Swaziland

    EXTRATEX BULGARIA LTD. is another used clothing wholesale that you should check out as well. This second hand clothes factory sells many different types of secondhand items for men, women, and kids at low prices, including shoes, bags, etc. However, they also have information on other pieces such as second-hand wedding dresses if those categories interest your customers more than the others. Suppose someone wants to purchase from this company. In that case, it’s important to be aware that only large orders are accepted due to their high standards in terms of working conditions and pay rate,

     Which can make sense depending on who your targeted customer base might be since not everyone has the same budget available when buying wholesale online for these kinds of goods.

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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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    The fourth bulk wholesale clothes supplier in Swaziland is CERNITURA FOR-RU DI FORCHIONE LEONARDO. This used clothing wholesale company has all kinds of different secondhand items for different needs. They stock everything from shoes, bags, belts, and toys to used clothes for men, women, and kids. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that this secondhand clothing supplier offers wholesale prices, which is ideal for those who are looking to sell second hand clothes in bulk quantities instead of just one piece. For more information about this company, feel free to check out their second hand product website for more details.

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SOCIALTEX-used Clothing Suppliers in Swaziland



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used clothes

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     Finally, the last of the top five used clothing wholesale suppliers in Swaziland is SOCIALTEX. This company has a bulk of second-hand clothing and accessories available on their website at no risk with an easy return policy if someone isn’t satisfied with what they receive, so it’s definitely worth checking out. SOCIALTEX has competitive prices and good quality secondhand clothes, making them one of the best options when trying to find good wholesale used clothing online since they stock such a large variety of different pieces to choose from. 

Used Clothing Suppliers in Swaziland Conclusion

   For more detailed information about these companies and many others, visit their website or contact them directly.

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