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Used Clothes Suppliers in Australia. There are countless reasons you may want to invest in the online or offline second hand clothing business. But the trickiest part will be how to find a trustworthy, And experienced used clothes supplier. Our list of the top 5 used clothing suppliers Australia might make you excited about the sale of second hand clothes, Because it gives a detailed analysis of every company. Let’s get started right away.

Hissen Global



Key Product

used clothes


   Moreover, they have built a solid experience in the used clothing industry. With eight years of supplying their quality clothes around the globe in small and large bales. If you are looking for a company that will provide customized clothing. And other goods without straining your budget, Hissen Global is the answer. Usually, they use modern containers of varying sizes depending on the ordered quantity, the client’s budget, and location. But quite often sell their clothing products and other items in 20 and 40 feet containers.So,as a global supplier with the best quality materials, many first-time buyers tend to form long-term relationships with this seller after the first successful transaction.

   Presently, they have their branches in some of the largest cities around the world, Such as Paris and specific states in the USA, including New Jersey. Whether in New Jersey or any location, you can find their contact details at to request an order anytime.

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Hissen Global Trading Company is an international second hand clothes wholesale supplier that has had a significant influence in the wholesale used clothing industry for a long time. This company has invested a great deal in improving its clothing services, and today, you can think of them as one of the outstanding brands in the used clothing sector. They specialize in collecting, selecting, and shipping used shoes, jeans, wholesale second hand clothes,used bags, and used handbags to Asia and across the globe. they havs a 10000m2 factory with key emphasis on providing second hand clothes of cream quality.

   But as the global leader in the wholesale used clothing industry, Hissen Global is head and shoulders above the rest. It continues to set the pace for other wholesale second hand clothing suppliers in the region. Having built a huge following throughout Asia, New Jersey, Africa, the USA, South America, Europe, and Central America, Hissen Global is committed to matching its buyers with the best quality clothing they need for their target markets.

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 Na Australia Enterprises Pty Limited



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★ Key Products

used clothes

 Na Australia Enterprises Pty Limited

  ✍ Na Australia Enterprises Pty Limited appears on our list . Because it is one of the best second hand clothing suppliers from this region. Their experience in the used clothing industry, covering 15 years, is one of the main reasons you should consider working with them. Boasting a 1500sqm factory in Sydney, this company imports premium grade clothes from India, China, and Pakistan before selling them throughout Australia.

The most popular categories. Include cleaning rags, used bags, and pet strap. With a vision to become the best company in Australia’s used clothing business, Na Australia has been providing competitive prices on premium grade second hand clothes, garden bags, second hand shoes, builder bags, bulk bags, and pallet wraps. So You can contact them through their website if you have more questions about their shipping process, fashion clothes, or order to bulk second hand clothes online.

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Used Clothes Australia–Used Clothes Suppliers in Australia



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used clothes

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    Used Clothes Australia had to be on this list because of its quality used clothing shipped to different locations around the world. This supplier is located in Sydney. This supplier has a wide range of bulk used clothing featuring quality summer clothes for women, men, and children. They have highly trained and experienced sorters who prepare, pack, and verify everything at the warehouse by giving guaranteed quality on used clothing and shoes.

  Using 20ft containers, Used Clothes Australia can pack and sell as large as 600kgs of used clothing and credential clothing for shipping to different cities in the world and popular American states such as New Jersey. Like you would expect with a global second hand clothing supplier, Used Clothes Australia will be ready to replace lost or damaged products and fashion accessories at no additional cost. And you can stay updated on the company’s latest news by contacting them online through their official website.

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Rais Industries–Used Clothes Suppliers in Australia


Brisbane, Queensland

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used clothes

Rais Industries

    Rais Industries has grown from a small local enterprise to a leading online bulk used clothing supplier in Australia with a large warehouse and multiple containers. With its headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland, Rais Industries has several specialties. But stocking, selling, and shipping quality second-hand clothing is the most popular one. They use effective methods to collect unwanted second hand clothes and sell them in bulk to different customers in Africa, Samoa, the Middle East, Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, and the Cook Islands.

   The key to their success as a used clothing wholesale supplier is based on their value for quality products and respect towards their clients. You can contact Rais Industries if you need a wholesale second hand clothing supplier that has consistently succeeded in the used clothing industry, even in developing countries.

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 SAP IMPEX–Used Clothes Suppliers in Australia



Company type


Key Products

used clothes


    SAP Impex completes our list of the five best second hand Australian clothing wholesalers. This is a Sydney-based international company with a reputation for shipping quality used clothing, second hand shoes. And other accessories to its clients in Australia, Europe, Africa, and the USA. Established in 2003, SAP Impex has been devoted to understanding the evolving needs of its clients in the used clothing market. They believe that with their continued commitment to providing good quality clothes.

   They will maintain their status as one of the trendsetting wholesale suppliers in Sydney. SAP Impex has everything to meet every client’s specifications. They work with trusted freight forwarders who can ship via land, air, or sea to any location. Including many cities in the USA. Contact them as your trusted business partner to boost your clothes selling venture.

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The Bottom Line

    As you may already know, investing in good quality second hand clothes is an incredible business idea. It will almost certainly guarantee financial independence. When you contact dependable second hand clothing suppliers such as Hissen Global. You will never pay a fortune to stock your store with good quality clothes. Won’t it be nice to invest in used clothing. And knowing you will be saving a lot of money while giving your customers the best quality on every sale? It’s all starts with a simple decision.

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