We offer used Grade A and Grade B clothing from China in small bales. Clothes of this category are excellent value for money. Grade A and Grade B clothing:

  • Grade A clothes have very slight or moderate wash/wear, are in good condition, 
  • Without holes or major stains, and are still very attractive for customers
  • Grade B has more signs of wear than Grade A, but its price is lower
  • Clothing of popular famous brands
  • Sorted into over 120 categories
  • Best value for money

Our Grade A/B clothing is carefully sorted by our experienced employees. Every day we carry out a quality control so that each time our customers could receive the top-quality product they expect. You can choose among many categories: women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, suitable for your market. We export containers with Grade A/B clothing to Africa, Latin America, and Asia. After sorting, the clothes are pressed into bales of 100 lbs/45kg, and each bale is marked with a label with the product name, weight, and bar code. We pack up to 620 bales (/28000 kg) of Grade A/B used clothing to container 40’ HC.

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