Second Hand Business for Clothes and Shoes--Mitumba Business in Kenya


Second Hand Business for Clothes and Shoes–Mitumba Business in Kenya. Mitumba is a common word in Kenya and it means second-hand goods. Second-hand business, Mitumba Business, is one of the most lucrative expeditions and is very common and popular in Kenya. And then, this blog post will go into detail about Second Hand Businesses in Kenya. As well as Mitumba Businesses specifically.

Second-hand goods are an industry that has been around for centuries. Furthermore, second-hand clothing and shoes, have always been popular with people who cannot afford new clothes and shoes. And second-hand businesses exist all over Kenya, the most common being Mitumba businesses. We can find second-hand shops on every street corner in Nairobi because of their low prices and the high demand from people.

However, due to the limited level of economic development and shortage of resources, among other reasons, many second-hand goods, Kenyans choose to import to meet business needs, especially for clothes and shoes.The secondhand clothes and shoes businesses in Kenya are thriving and experiencing significant growth. 

Second-hand products sold in Kenya are imported from developed countries such as Canada,Australia, European countries, and China, among other countries. For the Kenyan market, most products are imported from China. Why?

There are many reasons why Kenyans choose to import Second Hand clothes and shoes from China instead of producing them locally: the low cost of labor in China, the quality of products that come from there, among other factors.

The second hand clothing business has been profitable for Kenyan people since it began in 1994.

Kenya imports around 100,000 tonnes of Second Hand clothes each year. The chain includes a route from the donor to the new owner. Officials, exporters, wholesalers, traders and academics claim that the new owners have travelled halfway across the world to bring their old clothes here. One route is from Europe to Dubai and then to Kenya, for resale in the Kibera slums of Nairobi or in the centre of Mombasa.
So what does Kenya’s annual import of around 100,000 tonnes of second-hand clothes and shoes bring to the region?

1.Meeting the needs of suppliers and consumers.

2.Providing significant tariff revenue.

3.Creating tens of thousands of jobs.

Generally speaking, Kenya imports approximately 100,000 tonnes of second-hand clothing and shoes each year, which contributes significantly to the local economy.


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