The second-hand clothes in China

With the gradual improvement of Chinese people’s consumption level, women’s buying rate of clothes is getting higher and higher, so the replacement rate of clothes is increasing every year

 二手衣服 中国

These clothes will be recycled to recycling bins in various cities.



How to deal with these recycled second-hand Used clothes?

These recycled used clothes will go through a series of processes in a professional factory, sorted, selected and then packaged.

These Packed Second hand clothes will sent to Africa and Southeast Asia.




What does a Professional Second-hand Used clothing Factory do?

Hissen is a Professional second-hand clothing processing Factory in China.

Headquarters is Located in Guangzhou.

*Strictly control over the source of second-hand clothes.

*The raw materials come from big cities.

*second-hand clothes are Fashionable and Durable Wear.

Sorted several times by the professionals of the factory.

Only after a series of professional operations, we can guarantee customers’ satisfaction with our goods.

africa used clothes

shoe second hand



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