Top 5 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers in the USA

Where to buy second hand clothes in bulk in the USA?Second Hand Clothes Suppliers in the USA. A popular survey conducted in 2018 revealed that close to 6% of ordinary Americans have second hand clothes in their closets. This number is expected to rise to slightly over 10% in the coming years. Certainly, says a lot about the second hand clothing business. And the fact it is one of the most profitable ventures these days shouldn’t even be a question. Instead, the real question should be, where do you get top-quality products that bring high resale value in the USA? This post will be exploring the five top-ranked used clothing companies in the USA in 2021.If you are thinking about where to buy second hand clothes in bulk in the usa,pls contact us.

Hissen Global



Key Product

used clothes


   Are you craving a unique collection of high-quality second-hand apparel that your clients will find irresistible?

 ❀Hissen Global Trading Company always ensures that quality meets style at the most competitive prices, and that’s probably one of the biggest reasons you should contact them straightaway.
    But that’s not all. Purchasing the best quality wholesale used clothing such as lady’s t-shirt from Hissen Trading Company also means working with a competent team. And they will guide you from the ordering process to inspection and delivery. Hissen Trading Co. boasts the finest collection of fashionable men’s clothes and employs over 200 individuals who speak multiple languages to ensure their customers get timely orders of timeless quality.
   For Hissen Global Trading Company, fashion only makes sense when the items in question are reasonably priced. And that’s why they will give discounts if you make bulky orders.
    You can contact them anytime through email or the official telephone number on their clothing website.

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New Jersey-based

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes


    ❥With a wide variety of fairly priced used clothes, TEXX Team ranks highly on the list of the most reliable second hand clothing retailers and shipping companies in New Jersey. What truly sets them apart from the rest is the fact they’ve been in the business for close to 2 decades. Throughout the years, this company has embraced international shipping with its subsidiary stores known to sell most of their products in different regions of South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and less developed countries of Africa. Whether a client prioritizes premium-grade used clothing supplies, trendy lady’s dresses, good quality menswear, or a mixture of used bags and used shoes with high resale value, TEXX Team has it all.

   Don’t hesitate to contact them via the official telephone number on their page to get more information about their best-selling products.

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A & E Used Clothing Wholesale

✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes


    ✺ A & E Used Clothing Wholesale has been a leading wholesale supplier of high-quality used clothing in Central America.They supply a huge variety of used clothing and accessories, including shoes, women’s handbags, women’s dresses, and toys at unbeatable prices. Generally, the A & E clothing website team will strive to assemble bulk used clothes from the high-end regions of Delaware, New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and sell them to other parts of the US and developing countries higher resale values.
    By giving bulky options and selling in small quantities at the same time, A & E sends covers the entire market with its first-class products. The best part of dealing with this supplier is the fact they will be willing to give more discounts on bulk shipments.

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Trans-America Trading Co.


New York

✔Company type


✔Key Products

used clothes

Trans-America Trading Co.

    ♠ Trans America Trading Company, a top-ranking wholesale used clothing supplier that deals in fashionable clothes, bags, and shoes in the USA.Generally, they supply keenly handpicked used clothing, including mixed rags, jeans, vintage clothing, and fashionable clothes from the world’s most popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Eagle Trade, and Tommy Hilfiger, among the rest.

    Moreover, Trans America Trading Co uses advanced solutions and first-class sorting techniques at the warehouse to match clients with the right clothing they need to get the best resale value.That being said, the biggest advantage of working with this wholesale supplier is the fact they are located just a few miles away from New York. And this makes it easier to collect the best quality credential clothing to fulfill every fashion sense and style.

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Pacas Internacionales Pacinca

Company type


Key Products

used clothes

Pacas Internacionales Pacinca

   ★Pacas International is a highly successful online brand boasting countless years of experience in the second hand men’s clothing business. They pack a diverse range of high-grade second hand clothes to give their clients plenty of options when purchasing new clothes. Like most of the second hand clothing suppliers on our list, Pacinca packs most of their items in containers, with some of their largest bales weighing as high as 26 204 kg.

enviable team of fashion enthusiasts

 They have an enviable team of fashion enthusiasts to help select quality materials with the best resale value, double-check the shipment for accuracy, and transfer the selected bale to the packaging room. Be it party dresses, used jeans, plus size second hand dresses, bulk used shoes, mixed rags, quality clothes, small bales, or large bales, this company has a reputable team to alleviate your anxiety during the ordering process.

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The Bottom Line

   The next time you’re looking for the best second hand clothing suppliers in the USA, you will know who to turn to. Five wholesale suppliers we have mentioned above are among the best in the used clothing industry, giving you much-needed peace of mind when doing business transactions. Whether you are from Central America or other parts of the world, you can always count on any of those websites to help ship your order right to your doorstep.

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