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Top 5 Used Clothes In Zambia

In the used clothing industry, Zambia has seen a lot of growth in recent years. As more and more people becoming aware of the value second-hand clothes provide as an affordable option, there is a growing demand for used clothes suppliers. This post, we will discuss five well-known used clothing suppliers in Zambia that can help you find your second-hand clothing business needs.


Hissen Global



Key Product

used clothes


   Hissen Global is a used clothes supplier in Zambia that has been around for about a decade. With many years of experience and an excellent reputation, Hissen Global is one of Zambia’s top second-hand clothing suppliers. As the leading used clothing supplier in Zambia, Hissen Global has a largely used clothing resource to support your secondhand clothing business needs. As the warehouse of Hissen is based in Guangzhou, China, most of the used clothes are collected from Chinese first-tier cities, where have high shop quality and fashion taste.

   Then, all the secondhand clothing is passed to the sorting process in the used clothing factory and finally pack up and shipping out to the customers’ countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. All of the processes are under strict control in order to result in good quality. Most importantly, Hissen allows individuals or businesses to customize their demand of quantities and other needs, improving mutual efficiency.

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Green Eagle


United States of America

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★ Key Products

used clothes

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 A used clothes supplier in Zambia has been well-known for its used clothing business–Green Eagle. This used clothing supplier has served many individual second-hand clothes businesses from all over the world with high quality but cheap used brands. In addition to supplying top name brand products at a lower cost, this used clothing factory also provides excellent customer service throughout every process, including international shipping and online consultation services.

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Matcher Ltd.



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used clothes

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   Another well-known used clothing supplier in Zambia is Matcher Ltd. They have become one of the largest second hand clothing suppliers and recycling companies worldwide with a global network of offices and warehouses across three continents, including Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

   They also boast an intimate client list that includes many strong companies. If you are looking to start a used clothing business, then their vast supply will be able to meet all your.

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Maniastores:Used Clothes Suppliers in Zambia



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✔Key Products

used clothes


    The fourth used clothing supplier in Zambia is a used clothes factory called Maniastores. This used clothes supplier supplies all second-hand clothing, used shoes, and used bags with high quality but low price to many fashion-conscious consumers around the world. They are committed to providing top-quality products for customers at an affordable rate by using their recycling power and collecting used clothes. 

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Comindusa srl:Used Clothes Suppliers in Zambia



Company type


Key Products

used clothes

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   There is Comindusa srl, they have been one of the best secondhand suppliers in Africa since 2015. On the one hand, they are used clothes suppliers that offer used clothing, used shoes, and used toys with high quality at a reasonable price. On the other hand, they provide second-hand supplier service for their customers to choose what they need in quantities so as to reduce cost-effectively. 

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Used Clothes Suppliers in Zambia Conclution 

  How to start a clothing business in zambia? More and more individual secondhand clothing businesses are building up in Zambia and looking for a safe and reliable supplier in the market. The above list can help you find your business needs to meet the growing demand for used clothing around the world. As one of the top five wholesale used clothing companies in Zambia, Hissen Global has gained a strong reputation over the years by providing high quality but low price products all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. If you want to start a successfully used clothing business at an affordable rate, go to the above websites and find your need.

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