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     In the search for used clothes suppliers in Belize, the notice that there are many different types of used clothing suppliers. The clothes they sell vary from new to pre-owned and also come in a variety of styles. It can be not easy to find one supplier who sells all types of used clothing, so we have compiled a list of 5 top used clothing suppliers in Belize.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


   Hissen Global, as the leading wholesale used clothing supplier company in Belize, provides a variety of used clothing for men, women, and kids. Their business is international, so they have built partnerships with clients around all over the world with their high-quality, used clothes at reasonable prices. Hissen’s advantage also comes from its quality control system, which ensures that all used clothes are safe to wear. 

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   Instead of just sorting and packing the collectively used clothes, Hissen set their unique regulations and training systems for the employees. Each sorting member has to be trained and tested before onboarding, and a periodic check is scheduled every month. They guarantee the quality and authenticity of all products on their website and provide a fair return policy that is only valid for 14 days after clients have received the used clothing they ordered from them. 

Used Clothing Suppliers in Belize–WEHONG CO., LTD,


Taiwan, China 

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★ Key Products

used clothes


   The second bulk used clothing supplier on the list is WEHONG CO., LTD, the used clothing business in Belize with a comprehensive range of used clothes. They offer clients various options to choose from, such as top brand companies like Nike and Adidas. Their main goal is to provide customers worldwide an opportunity to buy affordable yet beautiful second hand clothes at an affordable price, making it easier for people all over the world to purchase trendy items without breaking their budget.

   In addition, WEHONG CO., LTD has been successfully running its company as a sustainable business model by recycling used clothes from all over the world. WEHONG CO., LTD has been running its business for more than ten years, and they have a team of experts that can offer you friendly and professional advice on buying wholesale used clothing.

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Hefei, China

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✎Key Products

used clothes

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   The third top used wholesale clothing supplier is ANHUI TANFON RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, which offers clients an affordable choice of pre-owned products such as toys, sporting goods, collectibles, and other accessories. This used clothes supplier company supports their clients by offering them competitive rates and an opportunity to purchase used clothing at wholesale prices.

   Clients can ensure that all items for sale have been thoroughly checked before being sent out to the market, making it a reliable source of quality pre-owned products. The best thing about buying wholesale clothing items from this company is that they are accountable to consumers’ shipping and handling policy. With tight partnerships built with an international shipping company, they can assure clients of on-time delivery without damage or faults.

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Used Clothing Suppliers in Belize–Eudra



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✔Key Products

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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  ↈAnother top used clothes supplier in Belize that offers various types of secondhand clothing to meet different needs is Eudra, one of the largest wholesalers of sorted used clothes in Europe. Eudra aims to save and preserve natural resources by recycling secondhand clothes with cost-effectiveness; they aim to create a global system of supplying wholesale used clothes of good quality, exclusive originality, and low price. Since all of their second hand clothing is collected from European countries, the bulk clothes keep fashionable and youthful as well as can be sold at a lower price.

   Besides, Eudra’s official website is availble in multiple languages, including English, Russian, and Lithuanian, those convenient customers from all over the world to visit and browse them. 

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Used Clothing Suppliers in Belize– F.H.U.MERKURY



Company type


Key Products

used clothes


  The last top bulk used clothing company on the list is F.H.U.MERKURY provides clients with a wide variety of second-hand clothing from all over the world for men and women in different styles such as casual or formal wear, sportswear, and even luxury items like leather jackets. F.H.U.MERCY takes pride in their ability to offer a wide range of used clothing at affordable prices, all the while ensuring that every garment they sell is both high quality and authentic, which makes them one of the tops used clothes suppliers worldwide. As their motto: “Build and renovate cheaper.”

    F.H.U.MERKURY is putting effect every day by offering the most competitive prices and strive to meet customers’ needs in every single detail.

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