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  If you are looking for a used clothing wholesaler in Cuba, this post is for you. The following is an exploration of 5 top used clothes wholesalers in Cuba with information on their location and what types of products they offer for sale. You can find a reliable supplier and start sourcing your products for the used clothing business.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


     Hissen Global is a wholesale used clothing exporter who exports their second hand clothing products to Cuba for the last few years. The most frequently used clothing that they export to Cuba are secondhand jeans, jackets, and polo shirts. They also offer a variety of other items such as bags, gloves, and shoes. Their main office of Hissen Global is located in the Guangzhou city of China with warehouses spread across Africa and Asia from where they ship their products daily to different countries around the world. This bulk used bales clothing company focus on providing high-quality products at competitive prices that will fit the needs of their customers better than anyone else. Hissen keeps on-the-job training to maintain their used clothes quality and production targets. 

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      Also, the company keeps track of all shipments coming in and out so they can provide delivery information promptly every time needed by their clients without any hesitation or delay due to work volume or resources availability issues. Besides, their management team members are fluent in multiples languages including English that better serve international customers.

Aken SM USA-Used Clothing Suppliers in Cuba


The United States

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

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      Wholesale used clothing supplier, Aken SM USA Inc supplies Cuban small and medium retailers with secondhand clothing. They are a company that has been around for about two decades in the second hand clothes business but they started exporting their products to Cuba only recently. The main aim behind starting up Aken SM USA Inc was offering quality-tested items at competitive prices so any retailer involved in sourcing can easily benefit from it without having to worry about spending too much money just to find out later on that an item or product was not what they were looking for after all. In addition to that, Aken SM USA Inc offers a wide selection of used clothes and all styles and brands available. Their prices are competitive with no hidden costs or any additional fees attached to them.

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Alltex Recyclers Ltd-Used Clothing Suppliers in Cuba



✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

Alltex Recyclers Ltd

     Alltex Recyclers Ltd is a used clothes supplier located in Ireland. This company started from a modest operation and become a big successful environmentally conscious business today. They exporting their wholesale used clothing items including jeans, jackets, sweaters, polo shirts, shoes, and other items to Cuba and other countries in the world. They are committed to providing high-quality used clothing items that can be sent anywhere across the world without having to worry about receiving back nonconforming products due to defects or poor conditions upon arrival which will reflect poorly on Alltex Recyclers Ltd .

    Reputation all over the market who buy from them directly or indirectly through buyers representatives depending on each case separately without having to worry about legal issues or reputational damages.Thus this bulk used clothing company pride themselves on being successful in the field with their excellent service and attention to customers’ needs.

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LUNG YU CO.-Used Clothing Suppliers in Cuba


Taiwan, China

✔Company type


✔Key Products

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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     Another great used clothes supplier is LUNG YU CO., which is a top clothing wholesale exporter located in Taiwan, China. Their main used clothing factory of LUNG YU CO. was built in Taiwan with a fleet of well equipped trucks that can load up large quantities at once when needed depending on each case separately without having to worry about delivery delays due to work volume or resources availability issues. Besides of used clothes, the company also offers other clothing lines like shoes and bags to give you plenty of choices when sourcing your inventory from them.

     Moreover,  LUNG YU CO. has a very good customer service and they are ready to assist their clients with whatever it takes whenever needed without hesitation or delay. Thus, this bulk used clothing company is known for being highly flexible in all aspects of the business.

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Take Off Texile



Company type


Key Products

used clothes

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Last of top 5 second hand clothing suppliers is Take Off Texile, which supplies Cuban second hand and wholesale clothing suppliers with a variety of products. This company mainly offers jeans that are mostly in large volumes to retailers or distributors who need them for their fast fashion lines since they deliver within just two weeks after receiving the order. In this wholesale business, all styles and brands are available, including designer jeans for those who want to sell high-end secondhand clothes on their stores or online shops. Besides jeans, Take Off Texile also offers other items. The company make large effort to be able to deliver used clothes with wholesale prices worldwide in bulk quantities, thus you can get your hands on the best secondhand clothing items with competitive prices without having to worry about spending too much money just to find out later on that an item or product was not what they were looking for after all.

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