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     Secondhand clothes have been used for many years as a way to save money and still look nice. Now, not only can you find second-hand clothing but there are even places that buy your old clothes with cash. The following article will introduce the top 5 used clothing wholesalers in Panama, whether you’re looking for buying wholesale, it’s always good to know where the top used clothes supplier of used clothing in Panama is.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


      At the top of the list, Hissen Global has been in business for about a decade. With the most diverse used clothing supplier collection, Hissen Global offers over 500 different types of garments to choose from. Hissen Global is known as one of the biggest used clothing exporters in China which means they know how to get things done efficiently and quickly. If time is money then this company should definitely be on your list because once an order comes through it will be shipped out ASAP; no waiting around here. Plus their prices are extremely competitive compared to other companies selling wholesale used clothing. Besides quality itself, one of the things that set Hissen Global apart from its competitors is its dedication to being eco-friendly.

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     This bulk used clothes company not only supplies used clothing but acts as a recycling plant for old clothes, shoes, and other mix accessories. Again this makes them competitively priced because they are able to purchase used clothes at a lower rate. Hissen Global is definitely one of the best used clothing suppliers in Panama you can find today.

U-Clothes(guangzhou) Environmental technology co.,ltd


 Guangzhou, China

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

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     At number two, U-Clothes(guangzhou) Environmental technology co.,ltd, specializes in supplying second hand clothes. They offer a wide variety of garments including polo shirts, t-shirts, dresses, kids’ toys, and much more.  If you’re looking for a specific type of clothing or garment to buy in bulk, consider U-Clothes. Their quality is good and also their prices are affordable. Not only do they sell high-quality products but also provide outstanding customer service as well which will leave any buyer satisfied with their experience shopping with  U-Clothes. Their service of picking up second hand clothing is definitely one of their best qualities because not only will they do it but also guarantee that your clothes are safe and sound. With U-Clothes, you know you’re getting quality used clothing at competitive prices with excellent service to back them both up.

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London, England

✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

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     At number three, ACHILLEUS DE CRUZ LIMITED specializes mostly in supplying wholesale used garments to all corners of the world. ACHILLEUS DE CRUZ LIMITED ranks amongst the top sellers of used clothing in terms of volume in Europe. This used clothing wholesale supplier offers a diverse product line that guarantees customers will find something for their needs regardless of age group or gender. They are also dedicated to ensuring that the environment stays healthy; making them a great choice in terms of finding quality secondhand garments while still keeping the Earth safe from pollution.

     ACHILLEUS DE CRUZ LIMITED will fulfill your order quickly and efficiently because it’s extremely important to them as well. If you’re looking to buying wholesale secondhand garments then ACHILLEUS DE CRUZ LIMITED is definitely one of the top five Panama wholesale clothing suppliers today.

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KISUK TRADING CO-Used Clothes Wholesalers in Panama


South Korea

✔Company type


✔Key Products

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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     Number four is another wholesale distributor, KISUK TRADING CO. This is another company that has been around for several years now and specializes in supplying used clothing to wholesale distributors, retailers, and manufacturers all over the world including Panama. One reason this company makes our top five women and men wholesale clothing suppliers in Panama is that they offer extremely competitive pricing; especially when it comes down to shipping costs which can sometimes be expensive.

     With KISUK TRADING CO, you will find quality clothes at great prices because they offer their products competitively priced compared to other companies selling secondhand clothes today. You can expect fast shipping service with this company as well; once your order comes through it’s usually sent out within 48 hours which protects any buyer from waiting too long before receiving what they ordered.

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Zagumi-Used Clothes Wholesalers in Panama


Guangzhou, China

Company type


Key Products

used clothes


      Number five on our list is Zagumi, which specializes in supplying used clothes, shoes, and other accessories to wholesale distributors, retailers, or manufacturers all throughout the world.  Zagumi is definitely one of the best used clothing suppliers in Panama because they are able to deliver quality products at competitive prices. This company has been around for several years now and continues to serve customers with each order placed; their clients include wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, importers/exporters worldwide which makes them a top-notch choice when it comes down to finding quality secondhand garments that will leave any buyer satisfied with their purchase. Zagumi offers fast service as well making them another great option for anyone seeking out good deals on high-quality second hand clothes while still maintaining excellent customer care services.

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Used Clothes Wholesalers in Panama Conclusion

    Therefore, if you’re interested in buying wholesale second hand clothes, shoes, and other sorted items you should definitely consider these five companies as they are truly some of the best secondhand clothing suppliers Panama has to offer.

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