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Hissen Global has been in the branded vintage clothing business for over 10 years and we have customers in over 60 countries around the world. Our workers can sort 6 tons of used clothing per day, all you need to do is tell us what you need and we will have your container ready for you within 2 weeks of placing your order.

In terms of price

China is now the leading global producer of fashion clothes, and with the growing wealth of its population, young people are starting to replace their fashion branded clothes more often. As a result, the quality of second-hand clothing in China has seen a remarkable improvement, and the quantity available far surpasses that of other countries, Therefore, Chinese clothing has better quality and more competitive price

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We have 120 items in the category of used clothes. Such as vintage men T-shirt vintage ladies silk dress vintage men jean, vintage ladies cotton dress used kids summer clothes , and so on Contact Us For Used Clothes List

Every order we receive supports Red Cross, a nonprofit dedicated to helping mothers and children scavenging livelihoods from garbage dumps get into halfway homes with access to education, health, and decent living standards.

With more and more local suppliers choosing Hissen Global, there has never been a better time to get started.

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Wholesale Branded Vintage T-shirt

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Used Kids Pants

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About Hissen Global

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Hissen Global  

Hissen Global Co., Ltd(China Credit Code:91440101MA9W4PK77K) is a highly regarded recycling company that exports used clothes, shoes, and bags to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Our factory is huge, covering an area of almost 20,000 square meters, and we have 25 production lines and 400 employees. We use a standardized sorting process that has earned us regular customers from over 60 countries worldwide.

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Our Factory

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What Can We Do for You

If you are a professional buyer 

 We provide

Stable Supply
We have an established supply chain and extensive inventory of products, covering more than 70,000 collecting points. We can sort 300 containers of used clothing used shoes and used bags every month

High Quality Sales Service

We offer you the opportunity to watch a video of our factory and also inspect the goods through a video to ease your concerns. 

 Professional Shipping Service

We provide professional shipping services to help you save on shipping costs.

If you are a new buyer

We provide

Make Profitable Faster
With 10 years of experience in exporting, we have gained a deep understanding of the unique needs and demands of various regions and markets, allowing us to offer valuable advice and guidance.

Shipping Sport

HissenGlobal work with multiple sea shipping companies in China to provide full and less than container load container services. Additionally, we can aid our clients with customs clearance.

How We Sort For You 

Eliminating All Used Clothes Which is Broken, Pilling, Slack, Out of Fashion, Over Used or Have Faded Color. HissenGlobal Only Sorts Out The High-Quality Used Product for You

How We Sort For You 

Eliminating All Used Clothes Which is Broken, Pilling, Slack, Out of Fashion, Over Used or Have Faded Color. HissenGlobal Only Sorts Out The High-Quality Used Product for You
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Quick Start

The first thing is to tell us that you need the quality requirements of the items
We are familiar with the market characteristics of second -hand clothing in more than 60 countries, such as America, the Middle East, Oceania, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Southern Europe, and so on, We have the responsibility to master your specific quality requirements of the items  Contact and tell us your quality now

The second thing is to confirm your packaging list of containers.

Whether you start a second -hand clothing business from scratch or already run your second -hand clothing business, we only need to provide your Packing List or choose the Item you need from our item list. If you need not in our item list, Our sales will help you. Contact Us For Item List Now
Third, come to China to visit our factory
If you have been to China before, you can visit our factory with our company’s business invitation letter issued by Hissen Global
If you come to China for the first time, we can also provide you with invitation. Some countries can apply for VISAS through the Chinese embassies. Some countries cannot apply, but you can contact our sales experts to solve this problem. Contact Us Now

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