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   A city best known for its vibrant life and highly dynamic fashion industry. There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t consider imported used clothing bales johannesburg. It’s even more exciting if you choose to work with one of the 3 most popular high quality wholesale clothing suppliers in this region. Of course, trusting a reliable seller such as Hissen Global will guarantee a booming used clothing business even as a novice entrepreneur. So, let’s see how the 3 companies on our list have made it where the rest have failed.

The imported used clothes bales in johannesburg thrives,recycling a diverse range of goods sourced from around the world. These bales represent a gateway to affordable and eclectic fashion choices for local consumers. From clothing to accessories, the imported bales market in Johannesburg caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. This industry not only provides economic opportunities but also contributes to the cultural richness of the city, showcasing global trends and styles within its vibrant communities.”

Hissen Global 



Key Product

used clothes


    Hissen Global tops our list of the 3 best wholesale used clothing suppliers in Africa, with a 10000sqm in Guangzhou, China. Despite starting as a small clothing store some 8 years ago, it has grown into one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers in China, specializing in recycling, packaging, and selling wholesale second-hand clothes at the most affordable prices.
   For quality used clothing sellers throughout Johannesburg and many countries and cities in Africa, Southeast Asia, and specific regions in the Americas, Hissen Global will be willing to match you with premium grade second hand clothes for your customers.

· professional team

  This used clothing company facilitates the second hand wholesale clothing business using a team of reputable sorters, modern equipment, and innovative solutions. Their used clothing warehousing model has centered on the fact that the customer is always right. Their long-standing customer-first approach ensures every product at their warehouse is made for a specific wearer.

   If you are looking for the most reliable second hand clothes wholesale supplier of the best quality used clothes for women, men’s jeans, used bags, and other fashion accessories, Hissen Global will be ready to speak to you. They provide a huge variety of high-quality bulk used clothing from the world’s most respected brands.

· first-rate service

    Hissen Global will be your most trusted business partner. But what makes them different? You could be wondering. Well, Hissen Global has been committed to delivering cream quality in the second hand clothing wholesale business for years. And they endeavor to give their buyers a wide range of quality materials at budget-friendly prices. The general idea is to help the clients maximize profit margins on used clothing while getting the best possible quality in the market.

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· Timely Delivery

    As such, it is the best place to find some of the fanciest dresses for women at competitive prices. The second thing that confirms Hissen Global as one of the best wholesale second hand clothing suppliers is their shipping policy.They are always ready to ship their large bales of used clothing and other accessories to any location via air, water, or road routes, depending on the location and urgency.

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   If you value authenticity and good quality and would like to save some time when importing second hand clothing to Johannesburg, contact this wholesale second hand clothing supplier with your order request anytime, and they won’t disappoint.

Mmatcher Limited–used clothes Wholesale Suppliers in Johannesburg



★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

Mmatcher Limited

    We have to mention Mmatcher limited if we are going to talk about the best wholesale suppliers that are quite popular with importers in Johannesburg. Why? Because it is an international company and one of the best places to find high quality and genuine clothing at the most competitive price rates.
    Matcher provides a complete catalog of good quality second hand clothes in large bales and small bales, second hand shoes, used bags, jeans, handbags, and dresses at pocket-friendly prices. While it’s not one of the biggest stories in the second hand clothing business, Matcher Limited is well known to address the needs of low-end consumers as well as novice entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the field.

Professional team

   What’s more, it features a professional team to help you select good quality clothes and fashion accessories for your brand. For a wholesale second hand clothing company that’s been around for several years, Matcher Limited has succeeded in supplying its wide range of premium grade second hand clothes to its huge client base across the globe.

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    By focusing on the provision of quality second hand clothes from reputable brands, this company is earning the trust of all kinds of wholesale suppliers, retailers, and businessmen around the world. They sell their products to the USA, South America, Central America, New Jersey, Asia, and many developing countries in Africa. You can find out more information about their second hand clothing if you contact them through their website.

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A & E Used Clothing Wholesale

✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

A & E Used Clothing Wholesale

  A & E Used Clothing is a leading wholesale second hand clothing supplier built around the key values of professionalism and integrity. It is a leading second hand clothes wholesale supplier of bulk used clothing, used bags, used shoes, and other quality materials in loads of containers. This supplier employs a highly trained team who pack most of the products in 100 lb. and 50 lb. bags.

  A & E Used Clothing will be willing to personalize their services according to their needs. This means the pricing will largely depend on what the customer needs. They are happy to package their products and reveal the pricing after receiving your order.


   Regarding shipping, A & E Used Clothing will do everything it takes to ensure you get your most valuable used clothing and other items within one week. Of course, this may require a few more days depending on your location, in which case they will be willing to communicate with you in advance. Most of their physical containers can hold as much as 11500kgs in 20ft containers or as large as 24000kg if they go with the 40ft option.
Like the reliable used clothing wholesale supplier they are, A & E Used Clothing will be willing to provide discounts and promotions on specific products. So, never forget to keep an eye on their website to find out the latest news and deals. Alternatively, you can contact them through the official website to place your order or find out more information about their services.

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    Just to make it clear, A & E Used Clothing can ship its quality materials to a majority of states within the USA, such as New Jersey and destinations in Central America, Europe, and many cities in Africa, including Johannesburg.

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Used Clothes Wholesale Suppliers in Johannesburg Bottom Line

Living in Johannesburg can be enthralling. It is a modern city with a vibrant atmosphere. It turns out there’s no scarcity of credential clothing and fashion stores throughout the city. If you want to focus on the second hand clothing business, you will be amazed at the huge selection of cream quality used clothes from reputable international brands throughout this region. While there are countless wholesale second hand clothing suppliers in Johannesburg, the 3 names on our list are some of the best options if you need fair deals on quality clothing while increasing the profit margins.

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