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   Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. It has an estimated population of over 27 million, and it’s the most populous country in Central Asia. If you’re looking for top wholesale clothing suppliers in there, then this post is just what you need. The following is a list of the top three used clothes,used bags and used shoes wholesalers that we found to be most reliable and trustworthy when it comes to supplying second hand clothing.

Hissen Global-Used clothes suppliers in Uzbekistan



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    Hissen Global is a leading used clothing wholesaler and exporter based in Guangzhou, China. They have been working with local communities and the government for recycling raw quality materials for a long time now, and they have been able to expand their business globally. They mainly supply used shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories to Africa and Asia countries, but they also accept orders from other countries including the US. As of 2020, Hissen Global has sold about $50 million secondhand goods to over 60 countries in the world.

   This bulk bales clothing company has a huge used clothing factory and many staff members that work round the clock. Their secondhand clothes come from local communities who donate their old clothing for cash, so you can be sure they always have an ample supply of good quality second hand clothing to offer wholesale prices to potential clients.


    If you want to purchase used clothes from this company, they have an online store that’s easy for customers to place orders. On their official used clothing websites, you can find more information about their products, prices, and how to get in touch with them. You can also visit any of the local warehouses that they have around Africa if you want to personally see what types of used clothes they stock there before buying wholesale quantities from them.

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    Furthermore,they offer professional business consulting for potential business partners around the world.

Dongguan Chengkuang Trading Company Limited


Dongguan, China

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes


     Dongguan Chengkuang Trading Company Limited is another wholesale used clothing supplier based in China. This second hand clothes business was established in the year 2013, and they have been selling quality used shoes, bags, accessories, and toys to other countries for almost a decade now.
As an exporter who’s well known for offering high quality second hand clothes in China, this company has received a lot of good reviews from their clients. They have an online store where you can place orders for wholesale products that are being offered at reasonable prices.

One good thing

     One good thing about this bulk used clothing supplier is that they accept small and large orders. You can contact them if you’re looking to buy less than a container of second hand clothes, or thousands at once depending on your requirements. The company offers reasonable prices for wholesale second hand clothing that are very competitive in the market due to their huge operations and rapid growth over the years.

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    Another good thing about Dongguan Chengkuang Trading Company Limited is that they always have new products coming in. You can check the latest arrivals on their website so you can be sure that it’s worth your money to place an order with them.

    Thus if you’re looking for used clothes suppliers in China, Dongguan Chengkuang Trading Company Limited can be one of your best bets.

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GOLSE GARMENTS SDN. BHD.-Used clothes suppliers in Uzbekistan



✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes


  GOLSE GARMENTS SDN. BHD is one of the best used clothing wholesale suppliers in Japan. They have been selling second hand clothing to different countries including Africa, Europe, and America for many years. This bulk supplier also has an online store where you can place your orders easily.


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  This used clothing business is well-known for its quality that Japan is known for. If you’re looking to buy a quality used clothes at wholesale prices, then this company can be a good choice to consider. With their Japanese standard, you can expect that the used clothes they sell are clean, fresh, and of high quality. You won’t have to worry about them sending you dirty or worn-out secondhand clothing.


    Another good thing about this company is their wide range of products. They offer a huge selection of used items such as used clothes, shoes, gloves, and other sorted items. You can check on their Alibaba website for the latest arrivals and new products. This clothing wholesale supplier is considered one of the best in Japan because they make sure to provide their customers with nothing but the best quality products.

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Conclusion Used clothes suppliers in Uzbekistan

    To receive your wholesale used clothing earlier, it’s best if you check out the above companies now.

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