Does wearing the used clothes worn by others make yourself more special?

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      Today many families are occupied by cleaning and packing summer clothes as the weather is turning colder. Many companies have launched a series of programs for used clothes recycling, such as setting up used clothes recycling stations in the community, conducting used clothes donation by some public institutions or originations, or recycling to reuse. It’s good to collect used clothes somewhere. Still, some people question where these used clothes eventually go. And the usefulness of these used clothes after they are collected?

Recycled used clothes generally have two usefulness.

    One is for public welfare, donating the recycled clothes to the poor in need through some local volunteer organizations. These are pure general welfare, and no fees will be charged.
The second is waste utilization. By creating economic benefits for the company enables the realization of both environmental protection and economic benefits.

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Recycled clothing

      Recycled clothing is mainly made of weaving and spinning. Therefore, used clothes recycling companies commonly will start the business for OEM(Oriental-Equipment-Manufacture). Old woolen clothes can be dissolved and formed into recycled fibers for green recycling. Used sweaters can be disassembled into wool and knit into new wool Clothing again. Used clothes that do not meet the rescue conditions can also enter the spinning mill to be made into rags, footpads, etc., and can be produced as basic daily necessities such as mops, gloves, raincoats, and also high-end products such as asphalt and sound-proof cotton. This realizes the recycling of used clothes.

Seven procedures to used clothes recycling and reusing

    Used clothes recycling factory is divided into 7 areas: raw material area, sorting area, modification area, disinfection area, packing area, finished goods area, and waist area. The raw material area is occupied with used clothes collected from various communities. Waste used clothes are of a complete variety, in addition to shirts, coats, jeans, and skirts. There is also an astonishing number of women’s underwear and panties. It takes several sorters to divide the used clothes into three categories. One is relatively newer used clothes. The second catalog is older ones.

    These two types of used clothes will be sent to be refitted for refurbishment and then reused. The last category is useless. And the sorting work includes checking the cover and pulling the sling. The whole process sustains less than 5 seconds.

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What kind of standards are they classified to?

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     What kind of standards are they classified to? Let’s take used bras, for example.

     One sorter said, “Classifying these old bras is actually very simple. Those with a complete cover and suitable straps can be classified as newer clothes; those partially damaged are older ones. These will be sent to the refitting area for secondary processing.

    However, taking hygiene issues into account, all second-hand underwear will be disposed of as waste.”

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Summer clothing Old Clothes Recycling

    In the used clothes industry, used summer clothes are relatively popular with the best market. The standard for choosing summer clothes from the pile of old clothes is that undamaged shirts, T-shirts, and skirts will be sorted and packaged separately after disinfection. Relatively older clothes will undergo used clothes transformation, among which the undergarments are relatively finely sewn. In contrast, large clothes will use a much faster repair method. For example, jeans with damaged trouser legs can cut short. The short-sleeved shirt with worn cuffs can be modified into a sleeveless vest.

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Disinfection Old Clothes Recycling

     The final procedure is disinfection. All used clothes will senting to the disinfection area in the end. The factory uses ozone disinfection. Winter clothes are hung on the roof, and summer clothes are scattered on the floor. Each disinfection takes 20 minutes, which can be easily calculated. On a typical working day of 8 hours a day, 5 tons of clothing can be disinfected basically. After finishing the disinfection, the dress will be transferred to the packing area and sent to the finished product area after tying.

The processing methods of the recycled used clothes are as follows:

💚1. First of all, you must do your own work on the raw materials and control the proportion of waste by yourself.
💙2. After transporting the used clothes to your own recycling factory, first make a selection and set aside the best-selling clothes abroad with cheerful colors, lovely styles, and new conditions. The ratio will not be very high, approximately 6%.
💜3. Start the second sorting.
❤️4. Pack according to orders. Distribute the carefully selected clothes evenly into each package in advance to ensure better quality. The surface clothes chosen in color and styles carefully. The buyers will definitely impressed and attracted.

Recycling used clothes is one of the critical ways the fashion industry can release its pressure.

    The one hand, the second-hand clothing trade helps to prevent
    On the other hand, consumers can buy new clothes from their wardrobes, which they have not worn for years.
    On the other hand, consumers can buy new clothes to absorb the new products that brands have created with care. Therefore, some brands have taken the lead in recycling their own branded clothing to consumers.
Some brands are already taking the lead in recycling their own branded clothing to consumers for re-wear, reuse of fiber or energy.

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Old Clothes Recycling Conclusion

     Every day, new clothing products come off the assembly line and into the lives of consumers, and every day, old clothes are being
Every day, old clothes are being eliminated. Through scientific recycling, maximum resource conservation, environmental harmonization, and sustainable development can be achieved. This is a 100 billion dollar market,
It is also a green industry that urgently needs to reconstruct its infrastructure in a modern business context.

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