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Top 5 Wholesale Bulk Second Hand Clothes Europe

A few people understand how the bulk used clothing business model operates. But a vast majority already know the pleasure of wearing second hand clothes from a reliable seller. If you’re looking to start your wholesale bulk second hand clothes venture from scratch, you will probably want to read our coverage of the top 5 second hand clothes wholesale europe. Let’s go.

Hissen Global



Key Product

used clothes

 Quality service

  Everything they do is give their customers peace of mind and the true feeling of working with a top-ranked used clothing supplier. The fact they have their factory and their desire to work with some of the most reliable shipping companies ensures timely delivery of the packaged clothing and with the utmost quality. One of the biggest fallacies we’ve heard in the second hand clothes wholesale business is that used clothing is no longer fashion.But Hissen Global Trading Company tells a completely different story with its meticulous attention to pricing, choice of style, cream quality, personality, and trendy fashion. If you need a 5 star rated wholesale used clothing supplier that will guarantee peace of mind throughout your dealings, Hissen Global Trading should be your priority.

    Recently, Hissen Global Trading has helped novice entrepreneurs in the used clothing industry rise to the top and experts attain even higher positions in the business pyramid. Therefore, you could be the next success story if you contact them today. This seller has always maintained that buyers don’t have to pay beyond the ordinary to grow their used clothing business. And everybody can see why.

Professional sorting team

   A careful analysis of China’s bulk used clothing industry will instantly lead you to one online store; Hissen Global Trading. This is a leading international company and a second hand clothes wholesale supplier with its trade routes in Africa, Asia, the USA, South America, the Middle East, and Central America. Hissen Global Trading is trusted by anyone who fancies modern fashion and looking to get the best return on sale, even as a novice businessman. They adopt a unique business model that ensures that every product stocked in their catalog fully satisfies the industry’s quality standards.

   This also means that they only employ highly trained individuals and experienced sorters to help their huge client base with effective clothing selection at the warehouse, packaging, sorting, and shipping to the preferred locations. You could be mistaken to think that affordable pricing is the only reason you should work with this supplier. Everything they do is give their customers peace of mind and the true feeling of working with a top-ranked used clothing supplier.

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Textiles Haddadi, S.L



★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

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   Textiles Haddadi is a Spanish-based international company specializing in used clothing and other good quality materials from Europe and beyond. Based in Valencia, this supplier sources bulk of used clothes from England, Germany, Spain, and Holland and sells them to their clients in Africa, the USA, and many countries in other regions. To achieve their goals, Textiles Haddadi S.L employs highly trained professionals to help with selecting products at the warehouse, stocking, packaging, and selling premium grade used clothes. Generally, Textiles Haddadi S.L adopts specific steps to help with product sorting, selection, sale, and shipping. This usually begins with categorizing the products into specific groups, including toys for children, second hand shoes, and quality used clothing. Again, this wholesale supplier will classify the products even further into more specific groups according to the quality standards for easy exportation to their global clients.

Various styles

   They will now package the products to match the client’s requirements and sell them at the best prices. While the major emphasis will be on the best quality clothes. Textiles Haddadi S.L will also provide a wide range of footwear, bulk textile toys for children, men’s jeans, home textiles, and other clothing accessories and ship them to major cities in the world, such as New Jersey. Contact this seller today to get a sneak preview of their most popular product categories in the clothing section.

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Les Petites Mains Du Limousin



✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

Les Petites Du Limousin

   Les Petites Du Limousin is a best-in-class wholesale supplier of quality used clothes and other items at affordable prices. Generally, this supplier keeps pace with the latest news in the used clothing wholesale industry and is concerned with the sale and exportation of the best quality second hand clothing to European nations and many developing countries around the world. Their cream quality bale of second hand clothes is classified into 1st and 2nd choice options, summer and winter varieties, household clothing, bulk wholesale accessories, and clothes for men, women, children, and babies.

   And with this, they have managed to cover the needs of every individual in the second hand clothes industry. Like the clothing category, their second hand shoes also come in two varieties, including the 1st and 2nd choices. No matter the size of your package, Les Petites Du Limousin will be willing to package their clothes in 20 and 40 feet containers and ship them to whatever destination you have in mind. To complete their product catalog, this seller also stocks premium grade handbags, bags, jeans, and other items for shipping to major cities, including New Jersey or whatever location you may have in mind.

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El Saied Company sprl–Used Clothes Suppliers in Europe



✔Company type


✔Key Products

used clothes

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El Saied Company sprl is a Belgian company specializing in recycling good quality second-hand clothes and shoes. Also, they are trusted by buyers around the world to find large bales of women’s handbags, men’s jeans, bags, and other quality materials from trusted brands. Unlike many second hand clothing suppliers, El Saied Company sprl is always committed to providing value for money by stocking. And exporting wholesale clothes at the best prices.

   Also, it is one of the few european wholesale clothing suppliers that are guided by the virtues of professionalism, integrity, and transparency and will go to extraordinary miles to satisfy the client’s needs. Suppose you choose to work with them for your second hand clothes wholesale business. In that case, you can expect them to handle everything from helping with clothes selection to loading and shipping to your destination using containers of varying sizes. Reaching out to them today online or via their official contact page means working with a reliable business partner that will work relentlessly to ensure your business succeeds.

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Shadi Trading–Used Clothes Suppliers in Europe



Company type


Key Products

used clothes

Shadi Trading

   Shadi Trading are experienced in collecting, sorting, shipping. And selling premium grade used shoes, second hand clothing in small bales, rags, and other accessories to importers . And wholesalers in the USA and the rest of the world. The latest fashion’s best product categories include vintage costumes, footwear, rags, and antique costumes. And having been in existence since 1998, Shadi Trading understands the ins and outs of the second hand clothing industry and will go to extreme levels to put a big smile on the faces of their customers.

   Joining them means getting a guaranteed successful and fulfilling business experience. Like many wholesale sellers on this list, Shadi Trading exports its quality materials. And clothes to different buyers around the globe using one of 20 or 40 feet containers. Precisely, this wholesale clothing supplier exports its products to a vast majority of its online clients in the USA, Poland, Russia, Romania, Asia, Ukraine, and the developing countries in Africa. For detailed information about Shadi Trading as a trusted business partner in the used clothing industry. Feeling free to contact them online or through their official website.

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Conclusion:Used Clothes Suppliers in Europe

   The wholesale second hand clothing business is booming for a good reason. And if you’re thinking about taking the first steps in this field. There could be no better time to do so. All you have to do is contact reliable wholesale second hand clothing suppliers like the ones we’ve mentioned above. And you will be guaranteed to get huge profit margins when you sell your products.

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