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   If you’re in the market for the used clothing business, then this post is definitely for you. You’ll learn about five of the top used clothing bales suppliers in Guinea, including their name and location, so that you can find them easily when looking online.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


    At the top of the list, Hissen Global is the largest wholesale supplier of preloved clothes in Guinea. They have two locations, one located just outside of the capital city and another that’s closer to the beachfront. As the largest supplier, they have the most supply resources available so that they can offer a huge selection of used clothing for customers with low pricing.As its name, Hissen Global is an international company that offers clothing wholesale to individual used clothing businesses.

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   The advantage of Hissen Global also includes their advanced working team, that all salespeople understand more than one language and with extensive knowledge with their company culture and products.

K.S Japan.Sdn. bhd.

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

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   This wholesale second hand clothing company has a complete system of clothes recycling/collection and sorting. They have their own used clothing factory so you can guarantee that the used clothes are of good quality with quality materials. This bulk used clothing company has a good selection of products at competitive prices so they can meet your needs and budget for used clothes. The good thing about this used clothes company also includes its quality control department, which ensures that all products are safe before shipping them out to customers. Their website has an advanced search bar, too, where users can type keywords such as shoes or jeans so that they don’t have to browse through the entire collection of used clothes.

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GREENTEX-Used Clothes Suppliers in Guinea


Axarnai, Greece

✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

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     GREENTEX wholesale used clothing is another top used clothing supplier inGuinea  thanks to its large selection of items available on both its website as well as offline store. This used clothes provider has been around more than six years, which means it’s had plenty of time to develop deep relationships with suppliers all over Europe, where most used clothing comes from today. You’ll find a wide variety of different brands, styles, sizes, colors in their used clothes product line. 

    One more thing to mention about GREENTEX is that they’re very dedicated to the environment, making sure that all used clothes are processed in an eco-friendly fashion. They work with businesses and individuals who want to sell secondhand clothes; they do commercial business and excellent achievements in environmental protection.

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MBgusto-Used Clothes Suppliers in Guinea



✔Company type


✔Key Products

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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     Another top supplier in Guinea is Wholesale Clothing Secondhand MBgusto second hand clothes factory which can be ordered online via their website or directly from its physical store that’s located close to the capital city. They are famous for selling good quality used clothes at affordable rates, and they will work with you on bulk orders of any size and customized designs of used clothes. Their warehouse mainly focuses on two different types of used clothing wholesale products– one specializes in men’s jeans and shoes. In contrast, the other specializes in women’s dresses and accessories so that you’ll find what you need.

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JIRCEB Buggenhout NV



Company type


Key Products

used clothes

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    Last on our list is JIRCEB Buggenhout NV which may not be as well known today, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this supplier isn’t good enough to make it onto your second hand clothing business buying list. They have been around since 20 years ago, so they are definitely one of the top suppliers in Guinea with their large supply resources and wide selection of online and offline items. In addition, they also have their shipping channels in place so that you’ll be able to get your order at its destination promptly without any unforeseen delays. If you’re looking for a bulk used clothing supplier with the speedest international shipping, then this supplier should be your top choice.

Used Clothes Suppliers in Guinea Conclusion

    Today, the secondhand clothing business has become a social trend in many countries, especially the countries in Africa. So, if you’re considering starting a second-hand clothes business, the above-used clothes suppliers could be your reference to start on.

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