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  If you’re looking for the best clothing wholesale suppliers in the Republic of El Salvador, we’ve compiled a list of 5 wholesale used clothing suppliers that we think you should consider. We hope this list helps and if there is anything else we can do to help your business please get in touch.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


   At the top of our list, Hissen Global is a wholesale second hand clothing supplier that offers good quality products at affordable prices. Hissen Global is one of the largest secondhand clothes, shoes, and bag exporters in the world. Their mission is to bring the customers high-quality, stable, large quantity products at a low price. Hissen Global has the largest warehouses in all regions of China for second-hand clothing. Their main second hand clothes factory is in Guangzhou, China. Hissen cares about every detail in their products and clients’ feeling, no matter if the customers are individual shop owners or large companies. 

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    Hissen Global’s main objective is to bring eco-friendly consumerism to all communities. Their strategy is to sell high-quality used clothing at very low prices, which helps people who cannot afford new clothes to still be part of society and look nice. Besides, Hissen has connected with many international shipping companies so that they can ship second hand clothes all over the world.



Taiwan, China

★Company type


★ Key Products

used clothes

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      Next on our list, is Taiwan wholesale used clothes supplier’s PERFECT ABILITY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Their main warehouse is located in Taiwan but they can also have another warehouse in mainland China. Their selection includes women, men, and kids’ clothing of all sorts including coats, shoes, dresses, shorts, accessories, and other items, in a variety of styles for every season. The wholesale company offers a selection of high-quality products at reasonable prices and free shipping for orders above certain quantities which will be delivered within a short time span after being shipped out from their warehouses to your chosen destination. PERFECT ABILITY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. used clothing wholesaler offers a flexible return policy and the best price guarantee in the market, which makes PERFECT ABILITY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD wholesale used clothing store stand out with good reputation from other suppliers.

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Daeyoun Trading-Used Clothes Wholesalers in the Republic of El Salvador

✎Company type


✎Key Products

used clothes

Daeyoun Trading

   The third option we recommend is Daeyoun Trading that sells high-quality wholesale clothes at great wholesale prices. They are a wholesale used clothes supplier that is well-known for the high quality of their products and great services, which has brought Daeyoun Trading wholesale secondhand clothing store many loyal customers worldwide in a short time span after its foundation. They exhibit a clear item list on their website but doesn’t allow online order so that you have to contact them directly if you want to place am order in Daeyoun Trading. This clothing wholesale company provides great service.

      So that their customers are satisfied with them since this wholesale company wants people around the world, who cannot afford new clothes still to be able to dress well without spending too much money. Therefore, Daeyoun Trading used clothing wholesale compnay takes great care of their customers’ satisfaction.

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Selangor, Malaysia

✔Company type


✔Key Products

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

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      The fourth bulk second hand clothing company is GOLSE GARMENTS SDN. BHD, which was established in recent years. This wholesale used clothing supplier offers quality wholesale used clothing at wholesale prices which makes their business grow quickly all around the world, especially in Asia and African countries. They provide an easy ordering process that doesn’t require much knowledge about wholesale activities because there are just a few steps for you to follow when you want to place your order with them online. GOLSE GARMENTS SDN. BHD used clothing wholesaler is flexible with their policies, which makes them stand out in the market compared to other wholesale suppliers.

     You can return your wholesale used clothing if it doesn’t fit your clothing business well or has a different quality from what was promised on their website and they will refund you for any wholesale clothes returned within two weeks’ time after receiving the order.

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Take Off Texile-Used Clothes Wholesalers in the Republic of El Salvador



Company type


Key Products

used clothes

Take off Limited

     The last bulk used clothing wholesale company is Take Off Texile, which offers quality wholesale second hand clothes at wholesale prices for every customer, no matter if you are an individual or a big company in your location that wants to buy wholesale used clothes. This wholesale used clothes company has a wide selection of wholesale second-hand clothing that includes women’s and men’s fashion, shoes for both genders, accessories like hats or belts, bags to carry your items in style while you are out there looking stylish. Instead, Take Off Texile is one of the best used clothing and shoes companies in Italy.  Their experienced employees sort and pack accurately to assure the clients’ maximum satisfaction.

Used Clothes Wholesalers in the Republic of El Salvador Conclusion

   The above used clothing wholesale companies are the top wholesale companies in the Republic of El Salvador and you will be satisfied with their products and services if you decide to order wholesale used clothes for your used clothing business.

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