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    In recent years, the used clothing industry has been on a rapid increase. One of the main reasons for this is that it’s environmentally friendly and provides an inexpensive option to consumers who want trendy clothes but don’t have the funds to buy new or expensive clothes. In order to find a reliable wholesale second hand clothing supplier in Malawi, you need to look no further than these five best wholesalers.

Hissen Global



Key Product

Used clothes, used shoes, used bags


     Hissen Global, a wholesale used clothing company, provides a wide range of used clothing from brands with quality materials. They also supply used shoes, toys, accessories, and other good quality items for those who want inexpensive wearing items. Hissen Global has been operating since 2013 and has accumulated a wide relationship with worldwide secondhand clothes clients and collecting resources that satisfied with their conditions and services. Hissen’s second hand clothes factory is located in Guangzhou, China, and it has many branches worldwide. 

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    In order to recycle quantities of used clothes in a high-efficiency and environmentally friendly way, Hissen Global has developed long-term stable partnerships with local governments and waste management companies that result in a great increase in collecting volume. 

ROPA FORTE, SL-Used Clothing Suppliers in Malawi

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used clothes

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    Another reliable supplier of used clothes is BIU Group, which is one of Europe’s textile recycler leading companies. This wholesale clothing company has high standards and values with skilled teams. With a proven history and years of experience, BIU Group has a unique system of sorting and grading second-hand clothing to meet clients’ different requirements. The company members are well experienced in textile recycling and have a high standard for selecting used clothing suppliers that offer quality items at low costs. Instead of providing low price wholesale secondhand clothing, BIU Group also set up an advanced tracking system to monitor the exporting process, and they also commit their clients to be professional, ethical, and efficient services. 

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used clothes

Les Petites Du Limousin

     LES PETITES MAINS DU LIMOUSIN is another choice for those looking for used clothes bales and second hand shoes suppliers in Malawi. The wholesale used clothing company provides quality sorted items with competitive prices, and they also take part in many charity events for children. As a famously used clothing business, LES PETITES MAINS DU LIMOUSIN takes pride in their commodities. Their used clothes consist of fashionable styles, including conventional cotton shirts and casual trendy jeans for women, men, and kids. They have been collaborating with many second hand clothing businesses in Malawi and other countries in Africa

    And Europe to provide a wide range of used clothing supplies that can meet the requirements of different clients from various industries. 

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ECOTEX GMBH–Used Clothing Suppliers in Malawi



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Used clothes, used shoes, used bags

Photo by Olanma Etigwe-uwa from Pexels
Photo by Olanma Etigwe-uwa from Pexels

    The next bulk used clothing company on the list is ECOTEX GMBH . They specialize in used clothing collections, sort, and transportation. As one of the leading used bale clothing suppliers in Malawi, they provide a wide range of used clothing in various styles. According to their official statistics, they can process and recycle over 600 tons of clothing monthly. They also supply various items, including shoes, toys, bags, etc., which meet different demands from clients all over the world. ECOTEX GMBH has a Facebook page and website to provide information about the company, used clothing collections, etc. So if you’re interested in this used clothes company, you can check their Facebook page for more information.

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used clothes

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    The last clothing wholesale company on the list is EDILTEX LTD. EDILTEX LTD is a UK-based used clothing supplier, and they provide various clothing wholesale for clients. Different from the other companies mentioned above, EDILTEX also offers clothes for cash that buying clothing and accessories from the public for cash in some cities’ stores. So they have one more way of collecting used clothes than others, which enrich their variety of used clothes. In addition, they have many branches worldwide so that they can provide used clothing to customers all over the world. 

Used Clothing Suppliers in Malawi Conclusion 

    There are still numerous wholesale used clothing suppliers that offer different items for clients from various industries. If you want some guidance about buying wholesale, the above five companies may be helpful. 

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