Why Do Africans Prefer Buying Used Clothes Rather Than The New Ones?

Africa has a population of more than one billion, which accounts for nearly one-third of the global population.

It has the third-largest population in the world.
Due to the factor of economic development and local cultural cognition, except the minority areas, most of the regions buy and wear second-hand clothes.

Almost everyone in other districts buys used clothes, used shoes, and used bags.

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Second-Hand Clothes For Sale In South Africa

1: The GDP Economic Conditions

It shows the GDP situation in Africa, Nigeria is the biggest market, and then is South Africa, the third one is Egypt.

And these three districts receive the most used clothes from China because the cost of new clothes is higher than the used clothes.
Most countries in Africa have a GDP per capita is less than $5,000, which means that someone in Africans earns less than $18 per day.  

However, the new clothes are expensive for them to buy.

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Top Ten Countries In Africa In term of GDP In 2020

2: The Textile Industry In Africa

The textile industries in Africa are not developing well.

Due to the high cost of labor and the high cost of raw materials and expensive textile machines, it will take the exceptionally high cost to make new clothes rather than buying the used clothes in Africa.
The technology of doing new clothes is difficult to develop in Africa, because of the lack of technicist and slow economic development.

Most people in Africa maintain the original old textile technology, so most Africa would like to take used clothes from China and other countries, which have a higher quality of used clothes.

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Traditional Textile Industry In Africa

3: Fiscal Policy Support

Due to the fiscal policy support taken by African government, Africa allows someone sells used clothes in their countries with low tariff, it is not only developing the economy in Africa but also improve the employment rate and enhance the living standard of people in Africa.

4: Cheap Price

Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber fabric composition are always the materials of clothes in China.

In China, the factories making clothes are built everywhere.
Due to the cheap material and cheap labor, the price of used clothes in China is cheaper than the new clothes in Africa.
Africans always spend a lot of money on buying new clothes in their district.

Africans prefer to buy used clothes rather than buying old clothes in China.

5: Various Styles Of Used Clothes

In China, it has various styles of used clothes, while Africa always has the same color and similar style of new clothes in their district.

The styles of Chinese second-hand clothes have various styles for Africa to choose from, the characteristic of used clothes are popular in Africans.

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Various Kinds of Used Clothes

6: A Lot Of Discarded Clothes In China

Every Chinese buys more than 20 pieces of new clothing each year, of which 5-8 pieces are discarded.

About 50 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, less than 10 percent of clothes are recycled.

It causes serious environmental pollution.

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Hissen Global Used Clothes Supplier

7:Protect  Environment

Most clothing and leather products are extremely difficult to degrade.

For example, it always takes 30 to 40 years to deal with and recycle the nylon material, and it would produce large amounts of greenhouse gases and harmful gases to the environment in the process.
So it is environmental for China to export used clothes to Africa and other countries.

Africa can also protect their environment by wearing second-hand clothes rather than importing the raw material to produce the new clothes.

used clothing wholesale
Used Clothing Wholesale

8: COVID Epidemic

Due to the COVID, the second-hand clothing industry is seriously affected by the COVID in the US, Japan, and Korea.

It can not quickly control COVID by taking little affect measures these times.

Africa and other Asian countries can not get enough stock from the US, Japan, and Korea.

At the same time, they can not guarantee the high quality and safety of used clothes.
But China takes some effective measures toward the COVID, the epidemic can be controlled effectively.

It can guarantee the quality of used clothes and the safety of shipping employees, China can ship used clothes used bags, and used shoes to Africa and other countries smoothly.

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COVID Epidemic

To sum up, Africans prefer buying used clothes rather than new ones.

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