Which one would you choose?

    There are trading companies and factories in used clothes industry, and it is difficult for you to choose the reliable one.

    As you can in the picture. From 2018~2021, the number of trading companies is dropping off gradually, while the number of factories to export the used second hand clothes&bags&shoes is increasing gradually.


The difference between trade company and factory :

1:Trading company

     They do not have production line, do not have complete selection system of used clothes and do not have warehouse, just selling products directly for customers to earn profit.

     Generally speaking, trading companies are the intermediary agents or dealers.Some trade company may pretended they were factories, lying to clients.

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How To Recognize Trading Company And Factory In Used Clothes Industry?

    Factories have the produce lines, strong supply capacity, big warehouse, and the professionally equipment to choose several level of used clothes.

    Maybe some merchants would choose trade company to be their supplier, it seem that it can save time and energy to talk with factory.

    But nowadays some factories equip with the professionally sale teams and perfect warehouse system to handle the second hand clothing&shoes&bags, making a deal with clients all over world.So it is better to choose reliable factory to be your second hand clothes business partner.

There are 8 benefits for you to choose factories rather then the trade company in used clothes industry.

1: Cheaper Price

❤Factory’s price quotation is more competitive than the trade company’s. 

💚Trade companies usually increase the price of second hand products to earn more profit.

💜Factories can save material cost, labor cost, management cost by managing departments in factories efficiently.

🧡So you can get cheaper price from the factories.

2: Various Styles:

Factories have high standard to sort used clothes out the A grade level used clothes.

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3: Quality Control

The factory can control the quality of second-hand clothes in the first time.

Factories can guarantee the high quality of used clothes&shoes&bags for you because of the high selecting standard.

4: Communication Skills:

Some factories also hired professional sale teams to make deal with customers, who know the cultural background of purchasers and grasp several foreign language skills.

They are also familiar with the foreign languages: French, English and Spanish and so on.

Sale teams also have rich experience in selling second hand clothing to customers, it can save a lot of time and energy for customers.

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5: Various Package Ways& Strong Supply Capacity

💟Due to the various package ways& strong supply capacity, factory can reply customers’ requirement quickly, satisfying clients’ need at once.

❤️‍🔥 Factory has various way of packing and have big amount of stock, which can fulfil  task for clients immediately.

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6: Customer Stickiness

🌍Due to the COVID, some trade companies may go through a wave of bankruptcy.

🌕But factories gain so many clients from all over the world online or offline, it have enough cash flow and  strong supplier chain to operate enterprise smoothly.

7: Payment Terms

🐣Factories are able to handle different payment terms nowadays.

🥰Because of factories also open B2B store online to sell second hand clothing, which need so many payment terms.

😘Not only the clients do business in second hand clothing industry offline, but also the online commercial platform is well received by the customers.

8:Delivery Time

   For example, some factories also cooperate with shipping company to ensure the punctual delivery time. Ensuring the timely process checking and the excellent delivery time.

    So it is better to choose factory to be your reliable business partner.

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