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Economic value of used clothes, used shoes We all know that there is a popular saying that says “the way you are dressed  so you are addressed’’ that is why our dressings matters a lot and it brings us out to the world in a good way,so if you would like to be regarded in […]

China leading the way to second hand clothes First, The data shows that, on average, each person in China buys about 10 new clothes each year, of which 3-5 pieces of clothes are discarded. Approximately 50 million tons of clothes are discarded every year, which most of the dropping off second hand clothes are barely worn. […]

With Africa consumers’ purchasing power increasing by the day, the second-hand clothes have become attractive to the low-income gap group for its affordable, fashion, and have higher quality than the new one. So selling used clothes is a great sustainable business opportunity in 2021. How can we make money through importing second hand clothes? Nowadays, […]