Ghana’s second-hand clothing bales price

How much is a bale of second hand clothes in ghana? Ok , I will tell you the price of used clothes in Ghana, Ghana is a big importer of second-hand clothes, among the top 10 countries in Africa, Ghana imports second-hand clothes mainly in Europe, America, and Asian countries, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea and so on.
second hand clothing bales price in ghana
The price of second-hand clothes in Ghana is much higher than in Nigeria, after all, the living standard of Ghanaian people is higher than that of Nigerian people, which leads to the high quality of second-hand clothes demanded by Ghanaians.
After Ghanaian second-hand clothing buyers began to import second-hand clothes from China, the price has been lowered down again, why, because the amount of second-hand clothes from China is large, cheap and cost-effective.
Second hand clothing bales price in ghana, many people want to know the answer.
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Used clothes price list in Ghana

Used ladies pants, Used cotton pants, Used cotton ladies pants(Price Expiry Date:20180806) 1.5$/kg
Used jeans pants(Price Expiry Date:20180806) 2.5$/kg

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