Second -hand clothes have been selling well in Africa

In Africa, such as Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, there are have “Mituba” markets. In Swahili, “Mituba” originally means “old” and “second-hand”.

Now it has become a generic term for imported old clothing by locals.

First,Why did Second-hand clothes “stranded” in Africa?

The emergence and development of African cross-border second-hand trade, the colonial history of African countries,

the global independence boom, second-hand clothing entering Africa after Second World War.

Second ,Why does Africa have large demand for second used clothes?

 In the 1980s, second-hand clothes began to flow into African countries. Because local manufacturers make clothes at the lowest cost, old clothes are cheaper and of higher quality than domestically produced clothes, so poor Africans have to choose to buy second-hand clothes.

Third ,More and more Chinese companies have opened overseas warehouses in Africa

Because of the increasing demand for second-hand clothes in the African market,

many powerful Chinese factories or companies have opened overseas warehouses in Africa.

Such as Hissen in China, in Nigeria, Lagos, Cameroon,Kenya All have overseas warehouses.

Increase the supply of goods for the African market,

and will also hire local people to work, providing them with labor.

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