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Why Do Africans Prefer Buying Used Clothes Rather Than The New Ones? Africa has a population of more than one billion, which accounts for nearly one-third of the global population. It has the third-largest population in the world. Due to the factor of economic development and local cultural cognition, except the minority areas, most of […]

The difference between trade company and factory : 2:Factory There are 8 benefits for you to choose factories rather then the trade company in used clothes industry. 1: Cheaper Price ❤Factory’s price quotation is more competitive than the trade company’s.  💚Trade companies usually increase the price of second hand products to earn more profit. 💜Factories can save material cost, labor […]

9 Tips Of Starting Second Hand Clothing Business How to start second-hand clothing business? You must have a lot of questions to ask, the first question is “how to get used clothes? ” Many people would take enough money and then find the local clothing wholesale zone to buy second hand products. But in fact, this rough plan can not earn large […]

First,The History Of Used Clothes Business Delevoping in China The export of used clothes from China to Africa dates back to 20 years ago, with only one or two enterprises in Guangdong Province. Over the next decade, the export industry of old clothing developed slowly. Then Around 2010, businesses engaged in used clothing exporters have sprung up. The current […]