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What is Okrika Business? It’s a simple business of selling second-hand clothes in Nigeria. Sellers also use other words to describe their Okrika clothes, like bend-down-select, Belgium, tokunbo and etc. Nevertheless, it’s all used clothes, like belts, shoes, t-shirts and so on. The price depends on the quality and the brand. It’s a modern business phenomenon that keeps […]

Where do used clothes come from? Second hand clothes are recycled used and or unwanted clothing, I’m sure you’ve seenthis kind of blues box. It’s put in every corner of China and every street. The clothes we donated flow into Africa through this box. Behind it is the old clothes recycling platform that controls it.They also publish information online and collect clothes on their own. Some of these old clothes are transported to public welfare stores,and some are made into recycled materials, However, most of them are transported to Africa. How does it make money and why is it so popular in Africa? This is reciprocal buy/sell/ trade transaction between the trader and the retailer. Second hand clothes are not only unique and fashionable but also affordable. You will never pay anywhere where near full price and that’s one of the reasons it’s highly recommend especially in Africa. Most second hand originate from China, Canada, USA and UK and are shipped around the globe mostly to Africa where the consumer market is large. Before export, they need to be cleaned, […]

Second Hand Business for Clothes and Shoes–Mitumba Business in Kenya. Mitumba is a common word in Kenya and it means second-hand goods. Second-hand business, Mitumba Business, is one of the most lucrative expeditions and is very common and popular in Kenya. And then, this blog post will go into detail about Second Hand Businesses in Kenya. […]